Affiliate Program | BasEx


Register, copy the Referral link in your personal account, and send it to your friend, colleague, acquaintances! The more your friends exchange, the more you will earn.

We pay you 30% of the net profit from the referral's exchange operation. This is a very profitable percentage, and referral earnings calculation and withdrawal are carried out from 100 USDT.

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We also want to emphasize that inviting oneself through the referral link is Prohibited!!!If this fact is discovered, both accounts will be deleted without further restoration and explanation of the reasons.

In your personal account, you can always monitor the number of users who have registered through your link, how much each user registered by you has brought you, for which operations of your referral you are entitled to a reward, and how much you have already earned.

The cumulative amount is formed in USDT currency at the market rate at the time of the exchange.

In the event that the service does not receive financial revenue as a result of the executed exchange operation, the partner who facilitated this process cannot anticipate receiving their remuneration under the terms of the partnership program.

Net profit is an indicator that reflects the final balance of income after accounting for all expenses

If you still have questions, feel free to ask our operator on Telegram or via email. We will always answer all your questions.

We hope for a long and profitable cooperation!

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