In Bitrace, popular methods of stealing bitcoins have been named.
In Bitrace, popular methods of stealing bitcoins have been named.

Cybercriminals typically utilize three primary methods to steal digital assets: fake applications, clipboard address replacement, and liquidity-related fraud. These insights have been provided by the analysts at Bitrace.

In cases of fraud involving counterfeit cryptocurrency applications, criminals promote them in search engine results, aiming to surpass legitimate programs in popularity. They gain access to users' wallets through embedded backdoors.

Fake applications, as well as certain viruses, can alter the address copied to the clipboard to one controlled by criminals during a transaction.

The liquidity-related fraud scheme promises victims a stable income after depositing a certain amount into their wallet. However, a malicious program embedded in the smart contract allows the criminal to withdraw user funds.

Experts strongly advise exercising caution when investing in cryptocurrencies and recommend using analytical tools to monitor funds in case of theft.

As previously discovered by Bitrace, over 3.4 billion USDT has been transferred to over-the-counter wallets on the Tron network in the last two years, with 54.2% of these funds being associated with high-risk operations.

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