Trader Earns $7 Million in 3 Hours on SAVM Token | BasEx News
Trader Earns $7 Million in Three Hours on SAVM Token
Trader Earns $7 Million in Three Hours on SAVM Token

An anonymous user purchased the SatoshiVM (SAVM) token immediately after its launch and sold it three hours later, earning a profit of $6.77 million. This was noted by experts at Lookonchain.

For the transaction, the trader used the Telegram-bot Banana Gun, which provided automatic purchase and sale of the coin at the highest price.

The investor invested 277.66 ETH (approximately $681,000) to buy 2.61 million SAVM. The commission for priority in purchase was 141.66 ETH (about $347,000).

He then sold 2.16 million tokens for $4.38 million and currently holds 450,000 SAVM worth over $3 million.

Some members of the X community suggest that the trader might have been an insider or a developer of the project, while others call him a "legend" for risking significant funds in a trading bot.

Banana Gun continues to stir discussions in the community. Several Reddit users reported losing funds after sending them to the "sniper" bot used by the successful SAVM trader.

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