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Santander Bank Offers Cryptocurrency Trading to Clients in Switzerland
Santander Bank Offers Cryptocurrency Trading to Clients in Switzerland

In Switzerland, the division of Spanish bank Santander has started offering wealthy clients the opportunity to trade and store Bitcoin and Ethereum, as reported by CoinDesk, citing internal documents.

In the coming months, the bank plans to expand the range of available cryptocurrency instruments, meeting certain criteria.

This service is available only upon client request.

Santander ensures the security of private keys in a protected and regulated custodial environment.

"The popularity of cryptocurrencies as an alternative asset class continues to grow. We expect that clients will prefer to entrust the storage of their assets to our institution" — stated John Whelan, head of digital assets at Santander.

It is noted that in March 2023, during the banking crisis in the USA, Santander was among those banks that continued to cooperate with crypto companies.

In 2022, the Brazilian branch of Santander offered local clients services for trading digital assets.

Also in March 2022, Santander launched a credit program for local farmers in Argentina based on tokenized agricultural products.

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