Near and Polygon will develop a ZK-solution based on WASM.
Near and Polygon will develop a ZK-solution based on WASM.

The Near Foundation and Polygon Labs have announced a partnership to develop a zero-knowledge proof solution for WASM-based networks.

The zkWASM prover is intended to become a market leader and will be released in 2024.

Using the verification mechanism of the technology, protocols will be able to "efficiently and cost-effectively conduct transactions with maximum security guarantees, unlocking the full potential of zero disclosure".

In the future, the project team will add an additional level of compatibility that will provide WASM networks access to liquidity in Ethereum.

"zkWASM maximizes customization options for developers. Projects will be able to choose from several verification tools when building with CDK, whether it's launching/migrating an EVM chain or building a WASM network for closer alignment with Ethereum" — said Polygon co-founder Sandeep Nailwal.

The zkWASM proof will also become part of the update for NEAR validators, allowing them to generate a single zero-knowledge proof instead of the labor-intensive checking of an entire segment. This means better scalability and increased decentralization of the protocol.

In June, the Near Foundation announced a partnership with the cloud computing division of Chinese technology giant Alibaba Cloud. The collaboration is designed to accelerate the growth of Web3 initiatives in Asia and the Middle East.

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