BasEx | MetaMask's New Ethereum Interaction Concept: A Closer Look
Media Reports on MetaMask Working on New Ethereum Interaction Concept
Media Reports on MetaMask Working on New Ethereum Interaction Concept

The team behind the non-custodial wallet MetaMask is testing a "transaction routing" technology that promises to transform value transfer within the Ethereum network, according to CoinDesk.

App developers disclosed details of the innovation to CoinDesk, confirmed by parent company ConsenSys, although specifics are still kept under wraps.

This technology is based on the concept of "intentions," which is becoming increasingly popular in the blockchain community. Its essence is to change how users interact with the network, focusing on the desired outcome rather than specific actions.

The Special Mechanisms Group (SMG), acquired by ConsenSys in 2023, is developing this technology.

It is currently being applied in the Smart Swaps feature in MetaMask, which allows users to search for the best price for token exchanges.

With Smart Swaps moving to a new architecture, the wallet will begin using a network of external blockchain operators, acting as aggregators to find optimal trading conditions.

ConsenSys announced plans to expand routing beyond Smart Swaps in the coming months to integrate other types of transactions and make this feature widely available.

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