BasEx | Largest Recipients of AltLayer Airdrop Revealed
Largest Recipients of the AltLayer Airdrop Named
Largest Recipients of the AltLayer Airdrop Named

More than 29,000 wallets participated in the airdrop from the AltLayer platform, which started on January 25 at 9:00 UTC. The largest claim, amounting to 1.29 million ALT ($408,000), was recorded by Arkham Intelligence for one user's address.

The second-largest claim was 1.19 million ALT ($367,000). This user had previously purchased AltLayer OG NFT badges, spending 5.5 ETH.

Interestingly, both addresses showed similar activity, purchasing the project's NFT in August 2022 and remaining inactive until the start of the airdrop. After receiving the tokens, they began transferring them to new addresses.

The third-largest claim was 898,800 ALT ($262,900), distributed across five new addresses. The fourth largest claim, about 650,000 ALT ($194,800), was received by a user who bought the project's NFT in mid-2023 and participated in the Oh Ottie NFT airdrop.

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