BasEx | Expert Urges Fixes in Lightning Network
Expert Urges Lightning Network Developers to 'Wake Up' and Fix Errors
Expert Urges Lightning Network Developers to 'Wake Up' and Fix Errors

The Lightning Network (LN) team is now less focused on security issues and more on generating profits for its investors, according to Bitcoin Core developer Antoine Riard in an interview with Cointelegraph.

Earlier in October, Riard discovered a serious vulnerability in the network. He believes this new type of cyclic attacks involving data substitution jeopardizes the protocol's reliability. Soon after, Riard left the LN team.

In the interview, he emphasized that he is currently working on fixing this vulnerability and called on his former colleagues to follow his lead:

"They need to wake up, stop wandering in their sleep, and start working with other developers to create a reliable, sustainable solution while maintaining the long-term decentralization and openness of the Lightning Network," he said.

Riard also expressed the opinion that many projects associated with LN sacrifice mission and security to meet investor demands.

"Most of them work for organizations funded by venture capital, or commercial entities with the same short-term goals, which ultimately harms end-users in the long term," he noted.

Riard mentioned that this is a classic example of the "tragedy of the commons," where individuals and organizations with access to a public resource act in their own interests, depleting it.

Despite security issues and potential movement towards centralization, Riard noted that LN "has not faced as many attacks as many L2 [solutions] for Ethereum," which he believes is due to Lightning users typically keeping small amounts of funds in their wallets.

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