The Ethereum team has postponed the Dencun hardfork to 2024
The Ethereum team has postponed the Dencun hardfork to 2024

Developers of Ethereum clients have confirmed that the anticipated Dencun upgrade will not be activated on the main network until the end of 2023, as reported by Blockworks.

During the All Core Developers teleconference, a member of the Prysm team known as Potuz pointed out ongoing consensus issues in the developer testnets. Over the past months, the team has deployed ten such solutions to test the upgrade.

"We will in no way be forking the main network in 2023," Potuz expressed the general sentiment.

The hardfork entails upgrades for both levels — consensus (Deneb) and execution (Cancun).

Unlike the former team, the execution client developers have stated that they are already prepared to test the upgrade on the publicly available Goerli testnet.

Potuz did not support this idea:

"I am definitely uncomfortable having a full-fledged client fork on Goerli. I see that there are still very major and deep changes happening in our branch."

It is planned that the eleventh devnet, smaller in size than its predecessors, will be launched. The transition to the main testnets has been postponed at least until the end of the Ethereum developers conference in Istanbul, which will take place in mid-November.

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