BasEx | Ethereum Dencun Hardfork Dates Announced
Ethereum developers announce dates for Dencun hardfork in testnets
Ethereum developers announce dates for Dencun hardfork in testnets

The Ethereum development team has announced the implementation of the Dencun hardfork in test networks at the beginning of 2024. Project lead Tim Beiko shared a preliminary deployment schedule, which includes the launch of the hardfork: January 17th in Goerli, January 30th in Sepolia, and February 7th in Holesky.

Beiko clarified that if serious issues are discovered, the process may be delayed. An official announcement about the hardfork is expected to appear on the project's blog in the first week of January, providing the community with ample time to prepare for the update.

Following a successful launch in the testnets, Dencun is planned to be implemented in the main Ethereum network by the end of February.

Initially scheduled for the last quarter of 2023, the hardfork was postponed to the following year due to insurmountable consensus issues.

Dencun represents an update that includes EIP-4844 and implements the concept of Proto-Danksharding. It aims to scale the network by creating a new type of transaction for large data, which should reduce the cost of fees for L2 solutions based on Rollups technology.

This hardfork involves modifications at the consensus (Deneb) and execution (Cancun) levels, marking a significant step in the evolution of Ethereum.

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