BasEx | CryptoRuble's Exchange Listing Announcement
Creators of Cryptoruble Announce Its Listing on Exchange
Creators of Cryptoruble Announce Its Listing on Exchange

The team behind the development of the cryptoruble has signed the first agreement for listing on the new cryptocurrency platform, as stated by Sergey Mendeleev, CEO of Indefibank.

Currently, the platform is in the beta-testing stage, and the cryptoruble will be added in the coming weeks.

After the completion of the testing period, cryptoruble users will have the opportunity to participate in an airdrop.

The tokenized cryptoruble, created on the Ethereum base, operates as an independent payment instrument and is not linked to the CBDC being developed by the central bank.

The token's issuance occurs through a decentralized smart contract with backing similar to the DAI model, while the cryptoruble's exchange rate is pegged to the national currency at a 1:1 ratio.

As Mendeleev notes, the cryptoruble can serve as a universal mechanism for fiat top-ups and can be integrated by any project for transaction processing.

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