BasEx | China Implements Digital Identification through Blockchain
China to Implement Digital Identification Through Blockchain Platform
China to Implement Digital Identification Through Blockchain Platform

A new digital identification service named RealDID, developed by Blockchain Service Network (BSN), has been launched in China. This system utilizes blockchain technology to ensure user anonymity.

The project is led by China's Ministry of Public Security in collaboration with the National Information Center and major technology companies, including China Mobile Communications Group and Beijing Zhongdun Anxin Technology Development.

RealDID offers users the ability to anonymously register and log in to websites using decentralized identifiers (DID) and secure keys. This contributes to the protection of the connection between financial and personal user information.

The service also provides unique features, including data encryption and individual business DID, ensuring enhanced confidentiality and data security.

However, despite increased security, the technology has raised concerns due to its potential to strengthen government control over citizens. Experts note that the use of blockchain in identification systems carries both advantages and potential risks related to data privacy and government surveillance.

Launched in April 2020, BSN aims to become the "internet of blockchains," offering a simplified process for creating blockchain applications and reducing costs. Since its launch, the platform has expanded its capabilities, adding support for international blockchain networks and cloud computing.

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