BasEx News | Binance's Position Closure Notice: What You Need to Know
Binance Comments on Notifications Regarding Position Closures
Binance Comments on Notifications Regarding Position Closures

On December 28, some users of the cryptocurrency exchange Binance received letters regarding the need to migrate accounts and withdraw funds. Representatives of the platform confirmed to ForkLog that a notification was sent to a part of their clients.

"Starting from December 29, 2023, all open positions will gradually be closed. We ask you to close all open positions, settle all unresolved obligations, and <…> withdraw funds to CommEX exchange or any other unrestricted platform," the letter stated.

Binance users who did not receive this message do not need to take any action, Binance representatives told ForkLog.

They also reminded that the transfer of the Russian business to the CommEX platform will continue over several months:

"All efforts are aimed at ensuring a smooth user experience during this transition."

Binance's team will continue to inform about further steps through announcements on the website and official notification letters.

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