Analysts Assess the Impact of Blockchain Integration on GDP
Analysts Assess the Impact of Blockchain Integration on GDP
p>Agile Dynamics analysts predict that blockchain integration could add $2.1 trillion to the global GDP by 2030, with the main benefits going to emerging markets. This technology will help them bridge gaps in the economic infrastructure.

75% of business leaders see blockchain as a way to reduce operational expenses, while 69% expect an increase in speed and efficiency. Blockchain also promises to enhance security, confidentiality, and stimulate innovation.

Cross-border transactions could become the largest field of application for blockchain, reducing transaction processing costs by 40-80% and ensuring data security.

However, there are obstacles, including the "blockchain trilemma" and the need for changes in corporate culture and increased awareness. Nonetheless, the technology promises significant cost savings for banks, increasing from $301 million in 2021 to $10 billion in 2030.

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