BasEx | Cybersecurity News: AirDrop Exposes iPhone Identities, Alpha Bank Leak
AirDrop Reveals Identity of iPhone Holder
AirDrop Reveals Identity of iPhone Holder

Researchers from the Beijing Institute of Forensic Science, Wanshendunzijian, successfully decrypted logs of Apple devices using the AirDrop feature, allowing access to users' personal data. This news was reported by Bloomberg.

The AirDrop technology is often used by residents of China to transfer files, circumventing state censorship. The research was initiated after "unacceptable information" was spread via AirDrop in the Beijing subway.

Using rainbow tables, experts were able to decrypt logs containing device names, phone numbers, and email addresses of senders.

This research led to the identification of several individuals suspected of illegally distributing information via AirDrop.

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